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Songwriter Lottya writes and produces all her music out of her bedroom in Edinburgh. Her fresh, recognisable sound falls somewhere within the bedroom pop genre with influences from the likes of Clairo, James Blake, and Maxwell Young.

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Lottya's sound

Lottya's sound is difficult to pinpoint to a singular genre or theme. Her smooth vocal harmonies compliment glitchy, layered instrumentals to create a fresh and multidimensional sound.

Throughout the themes Lottya explores through her lyrics, she never fails to create feelings of nostalgia and intrigue through her sound.


What's coming up

Lottya's most recent single, 'it's monday', is entirely self written and produced. It's glitchy, lo-fi production drips with melancholia and wistfulness, creating an interesting yet reassuring sound.

She's got more tracks in the works that we're really excited about, continuing to hone her sound and explore different themes of love, heartache, and life. We highly recommend checking out her releases to date and social media for updates.

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